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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Curb Appeal: Before and After

Before and after transformations are fascinating because they make us wonder about the potential of our homes.
Often, these begin as equipment parked along the street of our neighborhood. We drive by angry every day mumbling,“Move your trucks out of my way.”
There’s dirt on the sidewalks and asphalt and you want to know what’s taking them so long? You continue thinking about how the neighborhood is filthy with red clay and dirt; Mr. and Mrs. Smith will be furious at the way these people have torn up their lawn.
After about a week and half, you find the trucks gone and a fresh green lawn neatly sodded in place of the dirt. You also find a complete transformation from their previous lawn with eye popping, colorful flowers and new shrubbery neatly landscaped throughout the entire front lawn.
The week following, the same trucks are in your front yard, digging away and transforming your yard because you were smart enough to ask for the landscaper’s business card from Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Does this sound familiar?
Watch this video to see some amazing transformation and contact us today about how we can find you a fixer upper with great curb appeal potential.

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