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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

DIY versus Hiring a Professional

Written by: Amy Sim


There are many responsibilities when owning or renting a home, specifically concerning home repairs—do you fix them yourselves or do you hire a professional? Many home improvements can be costly, and it’s important those repairs are done correctly to avoid bigger problems in the future.


If you’re renting, it’s always important to discuss any changes with your landlord. If there is a problem in your unit, your landlord can address those problems directly without you needing to worry. If you’re a homeowner, those tasks fall on your shoulders, and getting multiple quotes is a good idea because many contractors have a different rate.


If you’re looking at major repairs that include taking down walls or rebuilding the electrical or plumbing, it’s smart to hire a professional. Small jobs such as painting or fixing light fixtures are easy tasks.


It’s also important to know that doing it yourself could take twice as long to complete, so unless you’re taking a month vacation don’t expect your major renovation to be done overnight.


If you don’t know how to rewire the family room, instead of worrying about getting electrocuted or short-circuiting the rest of the house, get a professional! Some other things to consider if you want to fix the repairs yourself is if the job could physically harm you (fixing the roof), or damaging the house even further (rearranging or building a new bathroom.)

Many repairs to the home also require a permit, so if you’re looking to get repairs done, make sure you check with your city clerk to avoid fines. In some areas, you can’t apply for a permit unless you have a contractor on board.


Home repairs can be time-consuming and costly, and it’s important to be smart and safe when fixing something yourself. Hire a professional if the project is above your skill-level, even if you think you can do it. Hiring a professional for major repairs ensures that your home will be fixed correctly and efficiently.

Do it yourself or hire a contractor?

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