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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Avoid Vandalism and Protect Your Rental Property in Mobile

Mobile Rental Property with a Broken-In Door and WindowsIn Mobile and the neighboring places, one of the most common crimes to occur to property owners is the vandalism of their residential property. In fact, roughly 15% of American homes are targeted by vandals each year. Vandalism, such as graffiti and smashed mailboxes, can cause expensive damage to the rental home. And as the tenants reflect on the invasion, their sense of security and community spirit would be greatly undermined, not to mention the potential detriment of property values. So that these things won’t occur, it would be wise for landlords and property owners alike to give top priority to preventing vandalism.

One effective solution to stop vandalism before it even happens is to install and maintain exterior lighting with the right coverage and intensity. Vandals are tempted by poorly lit spaces because they don’t want to be seen when they’re doing their dirty work. Motion sensor lights are really effective and are an energy-efficient method of lighting that tenants would appreciate.

If your rental property has fences, vandalism can be prevented by making sure that your fences are outfitted with a secure gate that locks. Vandals usually aim for easy targets, so if the only way to get to your property is by climbing a fence or breaking through a locked gate, they’d probably just leave instead. This simple measure goes a long way to securing your property from these vandals.

For a natural deterrent, you can also plant bushes or shrubs that have rough bark, thorns, or pointy leaves; plant them all around the property. The plants would serve to enhance the look of your property while simultaneously being a barrier to any unwanted visitors, making any attempt met with pain.

It may seem strange, but high-quality window coverings can deter the vandals as well. Vandalism is a crime of opportunity; they normally only hit if they think nobody is inside the house. If you keep the windows covered with blinds or drapes, they couldn’t be sure if the place is empty or not, especially if you leave a light or two switched on. It just might make them change their mind and go after another target that wouldn’t require so much effort or risk.

In conclusion, if vandals do strike, it’s essential to fix any damage to your rental house right away. These sorts of ne’er-do-wells enjoy having their handiwork seen and fussed over. If the vandalism to your property home is not mended right away, they may be fired up enough to make an even bigger, “better” mess. By painting over graffiti, repairing broken glass, and tackling any defacement to your property quickly, vandals will be disincentivized from returning.

By doing these suggestions, you can protect your Mobile rental homes from becoming an enticing target for vandals At Real Property Management Azalea City, you can benefit from our full-service property management including monitoring your properties on a regular basis and arranging for repairs and maintenance should that be needed. If you have any questions about protecting your home, please contact us online or give us a ring at 251-345-6224 today.

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