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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Seeing Beyond

I grew up with a mindset that a house is one’s greatest asset to own. Our young minds then, were cultivated with the idea that we must strive hard to own a big and luxurious house. It’s like saying that a house size will tell your success level attained. Back then, a person’s capacity to finance is somehow a determinant if he or she’s to live in a small, average, or huge house.

At present, the idea I grew up with still lingers in my mind and I still dream of owning a huge comfortable house with my family. But somehow, this present times has made it harder for us to put those dreams in reality. Let’s get real by stating that building your own house will entail incurring huge expenses; from the cost of labor and materials of putting up the house to the taxes you’ll be paying once it’s done. Some people resort to financial institutions incurring the low to high range of interest or the finance cost.

Owning your own house has a toll. But we are not limited! In fact, our present times has given us a lot of options in pursuing in dreaming big. The old idea of “one’s capacity to finance determines the size of his living” still has its truth but the thing is, we should not feel limited about this. If it is impractical to build or acquire your own large house now, why not rent? Renting can offer various opportunities. It gives us a chance to realize the dream of living in a huge and comfortable house.

In renting no maintenance cost are needed. If the garbage disposal breaks or you need a plumber, getting maintenance is as easy as calling our landlord. In many careers, jobs often require people to constantly relocate, and renting is  much easier to switch to a month-to-month lease or sublet than leaving or selling your  house. Also you may be living in an area where the equipment and appliance cost could be depreciated.

There are a lot of advantages it can offer, but be it known that there are disadvantages that goes with it, too. Paying our rent, no house renovations and rent companies not offering  house equity are some of the fallbacks of renting. However, bear in mind that everything has its pros and cons and that our very call is weighing our benefits over the cost.

This is not a call for us to stop dreaming to own our dream homes in the future. Instead, lets  take this as an opportunity to be practical and manage our finances well. We can save and then in the right time and place, we may finance our own dream house. After all, rent or owned, big or small a Home is still a Home.

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